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August 12, 20170 comments

GameArt Launches A Ton Of New Pooled Jackpot Games

Jackpot slot game provider GameArt is launching no less than thirty-two new global jackpot slots.
July 26, 20170 comments

Bitcoin And Online Casinos, What's The Deal?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates in a decentralized manner. This means it is not tied to any government or subjected to any form ...
June 26, 20170 comments

From Zero to Hero: Gambling Yourself to Financial Freedom!

One fact you should understand right here and now is that all investments are merely forms of glorified gambling; in one way or another. Eve...
June 12, 20170 comments

The House Always Wins: What Does That Really Mean?

Does it mean that gamblers are destined to lose? Does it mean that gamblers are being duped by casinos (including online casinos) and perhap...
June 7, 20170 comments

Top 10 Most Insane Purchases by Jackpot Winners

The gambling man is driven by one purpose… the day he’ll be all over your TV rubbing that jackpot dummy check on your face. W...
May 31, 20170 comments

Problem Gambling and How to Avoid It: Do You Believe That Cr...

So what is problem gambling (or compulsive gambling) and why is it such a terrible thing? Is it even a recognized medical condition? Would y...
May 9, 20170 comments

Battle of the Sexes in Online Slots: Are Women Taking Over O...

Statistically speaking, men gamble more than women in general... but the question on the table today is... who sits at the throne when it co...
May 5, 20170 comments

6 Things You Must Do If You Win the Big Jackpot

You have been hitting online casinos like crazy... all day everyday. You win some you lose some... well, maybe you lose a lot! Then one day....
May 4, 20170 comments

The NetEnt "Abrupt" Canadian Exodus: Why It Almost Sucks to ...

Is it still illegal for Canadians to play NetEnt games from international casinos with masked IP addresses? Has the Canadian government form...
May 3, 20170 comments

8 Jackpot Slots With High RTP

Slots are the most popular and widely spread games of chance with various pay-lines, bonus and themes features. They are designed to attract...
April 30, 20170 comments

Is Virtual Reality Slot Machines the Future of Online Slots?

It has been common knowledge for quite sometime that the future of video gaming is headed towards virtual reality. It is the only possible w...
April 29, 20170 comments

Someone just one the 'Gold Rally' casino jackpot

WOW! New casino jackpot winner on the 'Gold Rally'. Winner takes home €976.382
April 29, 20170 comments

Someone just one the 'Sweet Party' casino jackpot

We have a winner! Some one just won the 'Sweet Party' casino jackpot! Total win: €727.470
April 29, 20170 comments

The Candy Crush of Online Slots

This fun and game-like slot machine offers not only a great jackpot, but also engaging game play. It's very similar to the popular match gam...
April 28, 20170 comments

New 'MegaMillions' lottery jackpot winner

This just in: Player wins €56.000.000 on the 'MegaMillions' lottery jackpot. Well done!
April 27, 20170 comments

Top 10 Highest Lottery Jackpot Wins Ever

What are the biggest lottery wins ever? We have selected the top 10 largest and biggest lottery jackpots to have ever been won in the world....
April 25, 20170 comments

The Mega Moolah' casino jackpot has a new winner

WOW! New casino jackpot winner on the 'Mega Moolah'. Winner takes home €7.932.238
April 25, 20170 comments

Top 10 Highest Online Slot Jackpot wins of All Time

Warning: Millionaire status (and everything else above that) is not for everyone. Some people (literally) do not have the slightest clue abo...
April 23, 20170 comments

Lucky guy wins the 'PowerBall' lottery jackpot

Lucky guy wins €444.000.000 on the 'PowerBall' lottery jackpot. Congratulations!
April 22, 20170 comments

The Sweet Party' casino jackpot has a new winner

WOW! New casino jackpot winner on the 'Sweet Party'. Winner takes home €687.752
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