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Top 10 Most Insane Purchases by Jackpot Winners

There are two deeply personal traits that an individual can’t fake (or hide for long…) when they come into instant wealth; their stupidity, and their weirdness (or secret fetishes)! 

The trick to uncovering anyone’s inner desires is simple… just give them an insane amount of money and set them free… and you’ll soon discover their true nature!  

For instance, what would you buy if you won a jackpot today? You are welcome to go nuts with your dream purchases at the comment section… try to be as honest as you can (nobody is judging)… this is a social experiment. The jackpot prize in this case is a cool £50, 000, 000 ($56, 087,498.74). 

Okay, now let’s take a step back and try to analyze some few facts about “man”. The gambling man (or woman) to be more precise…

The gambling man is driven by one purpose… the day he’ll be all over your TV rubbing that jackpot dummy check on your face. We all want the big one. We dream about it, try a few “futile” schemes to wiggle our way around the “system” for it, we even go into some unfathomable superstitious shit for it, we all want it… every gambler lives for the Jackpot!

Of course, we’ll still take second tier prizes (and everything else below that) with gusto, but our focus and self-bestowed-destiny is always fixed on the jackpot. 

But then comes the tricky part… what to do with the millions once they’re finally here?! Some of you are probably thinking “What…? I can manage a couple o’ million dollars/euros/pounds with ease…” and then of course, there’s the annoying statement every jackpot winner likes to make during the check-awarding ceremony, “I won’t let this money change me… I’m going to take it slow. I’m thinking of investing in this or that… I’ll just be regular ol’ me”.

The only truth in the above statement is that, yes, they’re definitely going to “do them”… regular ol’ them as a matter of fact… but it’ll be regular ol’ them with stupid loads of cash now…! In truth, the money doesn’t change you; it’s the real you that finally comes out when you have the money to finance (or facilitate) whatever dark hidden desires your twisted mind can conjure. What you end up spending your millions on is not what the money made you do, oh no…, it’s simply what your heart has desired since you started having childhood dreams…  The money is purely a means to an end.

So, now that we have that little part about gamblers and jackpot dreams covered, we’re going to turn our attention to the main subject matter, the top 10 most insane purchases by jackpot winners. 


#10 – The Sky is Not the Limit…

“I’ll fly up in the night sky and write your name with a stick on the stars…”, “I’ll swim past the clouds and bring you the moon”… boo-hoo…

These were old tricks used by desperate men to get lucky back in the day… well, now we just stalk on social media and “sext nudes” but that’s beside the point…  Our primary concern is that for one 40-year old Mr. Dean Allen, promises of celestial gifts to a loved one are not mere tricks anymore! 


Mr. Allen - winner of a whopping £13,861,061 lottery jackpot - decided it was a good time to fulfill his childhood dream and get a piece the moon… literally! This guy can actually do all that crazy stuff for his woman. I mean, with his 2 acres on the moon, Mr. Allen can either bring the moon to her, or bring her to the moon… whichever works for her! And assuming Mr. Allen can read and write… well, he can even dig trenches to spell out her name on his piece of “legally acquired” lunar-land for all we care.

One question though… did this guy read through (or understand) the terms of the contract before making his astronomically “wise” purchase? And to top it all up… this very sane transaction was completed online. We really hope that you remembered to ask for the title Mr. Allen, sir. We don’t even care how much you spent on this little adventurous (and industrious) investment… our only interest is that you did it! 

FYI: Allen has worked at Camelot as a guidance councilor to help other jackpot winners make good use of their “hard-earned” money.

#9 – “The Big Bust = The Big Confidence”!

According to statistics, most jackpot winners go for regular purchases such as buying new homes, and of course, a car or two. But Sarah Cockings is not the “average” kind to fit into your “conventional” statistics… far from it! This former pupil at Whitley Bay High School has always been a big dreamer… and I mean really doing it big…  

So, Sarah wins a £3 million jackpot prize back in 2005 and guess what she spends her money on first… a boob job! And as if that was not insane enough… she paid for her two sisters, Alex and Emma, to get similar breast augmentations. In short, she procured 3 boob jobs! We hope the £14, 400 (4, 8000 pounds per individual) bought your confidence back.  Seems like the sisters wanted to look good for the cameras whenever they stepped out to spend Sarah’s sudden wealth! I bet there were numerous naughty “million-dollar-selfies” exchanged after this very necessary procedure…

#8 – Who Says Money Can’t Buy Love?

Marie Holmes was a struggling soul when she landed her jackpot win… $188 million! You can say she joined the millionaire’s club with a bang. Working four jobs (at McDonalds, Walmart, the Subway, and the Food Lion); the single mom of four did not know what taking breaks actually meant, thanks partly to her deadbeat boyfriend. 

While Marie was doing whatever she could to keep her family afloat, baby daddy (Lamar “Hot Sauce” McDowell) was busy getting arrested for all kinds of crime and throwing gang signs behind bars. Marie was practically the “man” of the house and clearly she did not need him anyway. Or so you may think…

They say love is a beautiful thing, love is blind, and love makes us do stupid stuff, love this or love that… 

Well, love was playing a pretty cruel trick on Marie Holmes this time around. What luck had brought in, love was busy taking away… by the millions!


Poor Marie Holmes, blinded by love, ended up buying Lamar’s freedom and/or love not once, not twice, but three times! And each time it got even more expensive than before.  First time, she pays $3 million for Lamar’s bail; charges - possession of drugs and weapons. The dumbass gets arrested a second time, again for weapons charges, and she pays $6 million for his bail. 

They say the third time is the charm and it surely was… Lamar got arrested this time for street racing.

Guess what? Marie Holmes, in all her wisdom, bailed him out for $12 million! A total of $21 million to buy a wannabe gangster’s freedom just to keep him closer to a family he evidently cared little about. Can you believe it took the combined effort of a few celebrity figures (including Oprah) to finally get Ms Holmes out of her love delusion?  

FYI: This was $21 million that she didn’t care if she ever got back… all she wanted was to wake-up next to her man in the morning… no matter the cost! She was determined to go all out to buy her man’s freedom despite the absurdity of the whole spectacle. It’s like she totally forgot who left her with the gruesome burden to bring up four kids (including one with cerebral palsy) on her own in the first place… 

#7 – Chairman of the Lottery Loony Club!

Mr. David Lee Edwards is remembered for so many things and winning the jackpot was just one of the most memorable ones. Simply saying that Mr. Edwards went a little over the top with his purchases is a terrible understatement. He clearly took the term “insane purchases” to the next level!

Do you remember the old saying that Rome was not built in a single day? Well, seems like Mr. Edwards never attended that class! David Lee Edwards had a whole year of insanity and there was no stopping him. The ex-convict and ex-member of the unemployed population could not believe it when he emerged one of the four lottery winners to share a mind blowing $280 million jackpot win. A quick calculation tells you that each of the four winners walked away with $70 million. For Mr. Edwards, this was the beginning of his questionable judgment. 

In just the first year, Mr. Edwards had parted with over $12 million of his winnings. And let’s not forget that he opted for a lump sum payment which left him with about $41million; which was once more reduced by taxes to somewhere around $27 million. Talk of insane decisions…

From a lifetime of annual checks amounting to $70 million, to (almost) a third of the original prize money… do the math.

So what insane purchases did the extravagant Mr. Edwards make after the not-so-wise decision to go lump sum?

Edwards bragged on NBC News that he had bequeathed himself a diamond-and-gold wrist watch plus a ring to go with it for $237, 000! That’s $159, 000 for the ring, and $78, 000 for the watch, and enough to buy a decent home. Unless the ring was sucking my fingers like Candy (the stripper), and the watch could enable me time travel, then that was just an insane purchase, especially for a guy who was unemployed prior to the life-changing jackpot win. 

Mr. Edwards was not going to stop at a mere watch and a fancy ring… oh no, in addition to a fleet of cars costing more than a million dollars in total, David Lee Edwards bought a company for $4.5 million, his own limo rental company, 3 racehorses, a $30, 000 plasma TV, 200 swords as part of his collection of medieval weapon replicas, and the favorite rich man’s toy, a private jet worth $1.9 million! 

#6 – For the Love of the Game!

We all love our sports but some of us can really go crazy with their love of sports. While some (lottery winning) sports lovers have donated money to support their favorite teams, some fans like Nigel (Man City - Etihad) and Mr. Bull A.k.A “Bully” (Man. United – Old Trafford) went further to buy private boxes for an entire season so that they could watch their favorite teams in style whenever they had home games. However, this is not even the most insane thing ever purchased by a lottery winner.

Meet Alan Rowley, winner of a decent £1.9 million, and a nature lover. Instead of buying himself a nice car or a home, Mr. Rowley went out and bought a weather station… a weather station!! He spent about 20,000 pounds for the purchase. And that’s not all… Rowley spent another £100, 000 to build a wildlife sanctuary around the weather station. On the upside, his wildlife garden receives a few visitors from the nearby woods and the city as well. He also shares his weather information with several websites that publish meteorological data (including Weather Underground).  

Why did the 62-year old Rowley settle for a weather station? 

He wanted to monitor the weather so that he could forecast weather conditions and plan ahead of his favorite cricket games. Having worked at the Langley Mill Cricket Club himself, he was well aware that weather conditions had a significant impact on game play; and subsequently, the results. 

#5 – Old McDonald’s Farm

As mentioned earlier, buying homes and cars (and vacationing for some) has been the trend ever since the first Jackpot wins were recorded. But then along the way we get funny characters like Mr. Funnell and his wife Gaynor who make insane purchases that leave our heads spinning! 

So what did the Funnells do after their £3.6 million jackpot win?

The two bought 57-acre of farmland and the animals to go with it. They spent £200, 000 to get themselves a beehive, a horse, two pigs, five ducks, 40 chickens, and get this… 300 heads of sheep! Old “McFunnell” now had a farm… e-i-e-i-Oooo…

FYI: Mr. Funnell also managed to satisfy his automobile fetish in a unique style… a £25, 000 tractor! The ultimate farmer’s toy…

#4 – A Piece of Eden

Fifteen million pounds can do a lot for a struggling couple… and their neighbors too… just ask Paul and Thea Bistrow. After their mind blowing 2004 jackpot win, the Bistrow’s went on a spending spree but not for the fancy things you may imagine. Oh no, Thea and Paul Bistrow had their focus on other (more important) things; like hiring a private plane to fly the local scout troop to an all-expense-paid 2-week holiday in Canada. 

Okay, maybe chartering the entire plane for “a good cause” wasn’t all that insane but taking the little rascals to Canada? That’s the only destination they could think of? Adventure holiday in Canada…? Really…?

And while you’re busy trying to wrap your head around this “Canadian vacation conundrum”… check this…

The Bistrow’s decided once more that their millions could more good for the community and pulled of yet another insanely “wild” purchase; a 13-acre piece of natural woodland with all the 300 trees in it! 


They wanted to protect the uncharted land from private developers who, in the Bistrow’s opinion, were destroying the area’s natural beauty by developing property all over the place. If only the $200, 000 Spray Park built by John Kutey (winner of $19 million Mega Millions jackpot) could be relocated next to the Bistrows’ little forest; the little “patch of green” would last forever! Maybe we need insane ideas to finally save mother earth… what do you think?


#3 – The Weird Car Fetish 

 Some people can really be funny… even without trying. For instance, let’s take a look at the Egglestones and their bizarre taste in cars. While most jackpot winners go for the fanciest cars in production (or the finest classics money can buy…), the 64-year old winner of a £2.7 million jackpot had other “outlandish” ideas! Michael and Norma Egglestone were either watching too much Mr. Bean comedy classics, or they’d met Erb and Music earlier that day… 


Instead of buying Ferraris, and Bentleys, or Range Rovers… like normal jackpot winners… the Egglestones got themselves a 3-wheeled golden Robin Reliant car! Too bad they can’t drive it in normal traffic… 

A man buying over 40 stylish cars or a 30-foot caravan (or a Canadian vacation…) with his jackpot win is a peculiar spectacle… but a man who chooses a Robin Reliant over a Jaguar or a BMW? Now I’m afraid you’ve lost me…

#2 – Buying a New Social Status

One thing we can all agree on is that winning the jackpot definitely turns your life upside-down… nothing is ever the same again. With the exception of a few guys who were already rich before winning jackpot millions, most jackpot winners are just regular folks, doing regular things… like struggling to make ends meet. 

Case in point… Peter Lavery; one day he’s just a regular pissed off bus driver who needs his regular bottle of cheap whiskey to calm his nerves at the end of a busy day… then BAM! He’s £10.2 million richer and suddenly the owner of his own distillery… a free bottle of Danny Boy Whiskey for the rest of his life! 

However, some people indulge their passions a bit too far. 

Case in point… Sarah Creighton; one day she’s just regular Ms Creighton from down the street… buying her regular lottery ticket(s) and hoping for the best… then BAM! She lands a jackpot win and she’s not taking none of that “being regular” crap anymore…! So what does she buy? A huge house? A large boat? A fancy car? A racehorse? A trip to Canada…? 

Oh no… Ms Creighton wanted something that would set her miles apart from regular folks. She was a millionaire now, and a respectable member of the community. So, Ms Sarah Creighton decided it was in order to buy herself the “Lady” title. Hats off to Lady Sarah Creighton for not going insane after her jackpot win… not so many people can hold it together like that after such a windfall…


#1 – When the Fat Lady Sings, the Dodds Will Sway

We’ve looked at a few pretty crazy purchases made by jackpot winners but the Dodds take the #1 spot in this “Battle of the Insane Millionaires” list…

After a £2.4 million windfall, Tony Dodd and his wife Greta wanted to celebrate in style. Buy a new house, top-of-the-range cars, some fine jewellery, pop a few bottles of bubbly, and dance to their favorite song. However, while everything else came easy… it’s the dancing part that presented quite a quagmire. Mr. and Mrs. Dodd had problems with their knees; a debilitating condition that had forced Tony out of work. But that was a problem for the old penniless Dodds… the Dodds were not going to take this (BS) sitting down. 

A few professional consultations and £40, 000 later and BAM…! The Dodds are now prancing all over the place enjoying the favorite leisure activity, ballroom dancing. They each bought a pair of new knees! And the awkward meter goes up another notch… ding! Ding! Ding! 


#0 – Bonus Insane Purchases: And the Crazy Continues… 

Jay Vargas (from South Carolina) was only 19 when he scooped $35.5 million in the PowerBall lottery jackpot. The avid wrestling fan (without any prior experience in TV production whatsoever) decided to create his TV show… women wrestling in bikinis. He called it Wrestlicious TakeDown; and it ran for only one season!

Ronnie Music Jr. used his $3 million lottery jackpot win to start an illegal trade; buying and distributing Meth. His equally misguided pot-head brother, a Canadian marijuana activist by the name of Bob Erb (and winner of $25 million…), also donated 1 cool million dollars to support the cause… legalization of marijuana.

FYI: Erb spent a little over $8 million of his winnings dishing out free money to all sorts of charities: “Together as one man!” (Now say that again with the best Jamaican accent you can come up with…)

William “Bud” Post bought a restaurant (that eventually went under) and a twin-engine plane that he couldn’t even fly! His own brother apparently did not approve of Post’s insane purchases (with his $16.2 million jackpot win); so he hired a killer to take out Post. The assassination attempt failed.

FYI: Post had bought his murderous jealous brother a house and a car. Go figure…

Sharon Tirabassi from Ontario used her $10.5 million jackpot win to buy herself a pimped out Cadillac worth $200, 000! In addition to buying a few more fancy cars, Tirabassi made the “wise” decision to mortgage a $515, 000 home instead of paying cash for it…?! 

Michael Carroll bought a manor and turned it into a demolition derby. He spent his £9.7 million jackpot prize money buying and wrecking new cars… and throwing most of them away! A wise and “very sane” investment indeed…! 

Brian and Joan Caswell hired a private jet twice to take their entire family to Lapland and Majorca just to see Santa Claus! Brian Caswell went house hunting with the 3 women in his life… his wife and 2 daughters. Each one of them fell in love with a different house; Caswell bought all three the same day!

Jackie King won 14 million pounds and decided to buy a 10-year old Spaniel named Suki who was a rescue, bald, and deaf.

Bob Bradley (83) wanted to bow out in style by being the best grandpa ever…! He used a huge chunk of his £3.5 million jackpot win to spoil the family. He flew his great-grandson to his prom in a hired helicopter!

Neil Chester and his wife Kate hired Diarmuid Gavin, a TV garden designer, to spruce up their grounds for a whopping £200, 000! The couple had won £8.5 million and had just bought the new mansion.

Tony Wells Stubley (an ex “copper”) decided to fulfill his childhood dream by using a significant part of his jackpot win to buy dolls! Okay, army men figurines (or action figures) with about 800 accessories. Of course, this article is focused on passing awesome info about new jackpot millionaires and their insane purchases and not judgement but still… a (millionaire) adult playing with dolls… pretty insane right? One can’t help but imagine him standing in front of his heavily armed battalion and going: “Men, it’s time for total world domination… I’m filthy rich…! Sergeant Boogers, get me a pack of Hula Hoops… Boo-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaa…!”


Parting Shot

We all have our fantasies… the only thing keeping us from living our dreams is the lack of money to finance or facilitate them. According to Camelot, most European jackpot winners have a few things in common; they all want big homes, a few fancy cars, racehorses, and they all go for vacations. Only a few of these jackpot winners pull off some crazy stunts that leave us mouth-wide-open! A Swedish study reported that lottery winners in Sweden were a different breed; while only ≤12% thought it was wise to quit their day jobs, 16% chose to reduce their working hours and about 24% went on full-time unpaid leave. However 62% of Swedish lottery winners are smart enough to keep their jobs and regular (pensionable) income.


Once again… what would you do with your new millionaire status if you won the jackpot? The comment section is now open… go nuts!

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