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Trying your luck at a casino has always been a thrill for millions of people around the world. There’s something exhilarating about rolling the dice and hoping for a win that keeps people coming back for more. Unfortunately, many people don’t live near a good casino or are too busy to take the time to make a trip. With the advent of the internet, many activities that were previously a brick and mortar affair have received an update with online versions - and gambling is no exception. Online casino sites have exploded in popularity, and continue to offer a fun and exciting activity with convenience and ease of access. This article will focus on an overview of Ladbrokes casino, a popular online gaming site that has garnered a lot of well-deserved attention.

Casino History

Although this article is largely focused on the various services that the Ladbrokes online casino offers, going over some history of the company will help to establish its legitimacy as a reliable gaming company.

The online Ladbrokes Casino has brought the Ladbrokes company into the digital age, but this casino is far from a newcomer to the scene.

Founded in 1886 by commission agents for horse racers, Ladbrokes has a rich and storied history which we’ll only get into briefly in this section.

In a progressive and unusual action for the time, the main representative of Ladbrokes at the race tracks for many years was a woman: Mrs. Helen Vernet.

From its foundation to the mid 1950s, Ladbrokes was a company that catered exclusively to the British aristocracy and upper class. Around 1956 saw an expansion of services to the regular population, and the gaming company has only continued to grow since then.

In the mid 2000s, Ladbrokes expanded into the world of e-gaming and has continued to build that side of their business. 

Online Casino Overview

As mentioned above, this online casino is an expansion of a gambling and betting company with a long history in the industry. It only makes sense, then, that a lot of the knowledge from a brick and mortar industry would transfer over to the online environment.

Using cutting-edge software from the company Playtech, users of Ladbrokes online will be able to enjoy a rich 3D animated environment with high quality sound.

In addition to game formats more traditionally suited to an online environment like slots or other games of chance, you’ll find traditional games like Poker and Blackjack.

Live Casino

A unique feature from Ladbrokes’ Online service is the ability to participate in a format called Live Casino. Using a combination of the internet and a physical table and dealer, players can message both each other and the dealer, playing physical hands from their computer for several different games. 

The Ladbrokes Live Casino offers a great compromise between a physical visit to the casino and a purely online experience. Using this feature allows people to get the thrill of sitting at the table with the convenience of being at home.

Many gamers used to a traditional experience may have concerns about the fairness of these games, but rest assured knowing that every Live Casino dealer is held to the highest standards, with each table being monitored by 24/7 video surveillance and the pit boss. With high requirements for security and constant strict attention, your hard earned money will be safe when you place your bets, and you’ll go into the table game knowing that it will be a straightforward experience with no funny business.

Games available to play with the Live Casino feature include

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Casino Hold’em
  • Baccarat
  • Hi-Lo

For those unsure if they’ll enjoy an online gaming experience, consider giving the Live Casino feature a try as a nice middle ground between the old and new.

Virtual Sports

As we mentioned in the history section, Ladbrokes got its start as a horse betting company back in the 19th century. It only makes sense, then, that they continue this tradition into the digital age for an online environment.

Enjoy safe and convenient virtual betting on a variety of different sports, including:

  • Horse Racing
  • Cycling
  • Greyhounds
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Motor Racing
  • Speedway
  • Golf
  • Cricket
  • Rugby

In addition to providing a betting platform, you can watch the sporting event you’re interested in gambling on right through the Ladbrokes Virtual Sports platform, eliminating the need to pay attention to two separate screens and allowing you to update your bets in real time.

Although a lot of the business is focused on the online slots and table games, the sports betting that launched this company is still a big part of their business - even over the internet.

Online Games

One addition to the online Ladbrokes site are online video games with which you can try your luck. Enjoy various offerings ranging from “Cop Lot” to “Deal or No Deal”. These games offer a low barrier to entry, allowing you to try your luck without breaking the bank.

Slots and Scratch Cards

No casino would be complete without a slots section, and Ladbrokes’ online platform offers multiple options to suit your fancy. This form of gaming is especially suited to an online arena, so it only makes sense that you’d have access to a wide variety of slots options.

Play the virtual lottery, too, using online scratch cards

Jackpot Games

There’s also a specific spot on the Ladbrokes site committed to Jackpot games. Try your luck at one of these games of chance in the hopes of cashing out big. If you’re feeling lucky, the jackpot games give you the possibility of winning big for a low investment.

Try Your Luck Today!

We’ve gone into the history of this casino and touched on what exactly the online environment for Ladbrokes has to offer. In 2017, most of our time is spent connected to the internet - why shouldn’t your gaming follow suit? Ladbrokes is a legitimate enterprise with a history of over 100 years of betting and gambling, so you can play confidently knowing that your money will be handled fairly and with the utmost care.

So what are you waiting for? Create an account for Ladbrokes, and try your luck at a wide variety of gambling options, today!

Some jackpot games available at Ladbrokes

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