How to win a jackpot?

It's not that hard, really...

1. Find a 'First deposit bonus'

The first step in winning a big jackpot is to find a good first deposit bonus. Most casinos have rules that if you play for bonus money, you have to wager the money 35-45 times before you are able to withdraw any money you won. But you are hunting Jackpots! You don't need to care about that, because if you win the big jackpot, you wont have any problems wagering the money you won 35-45 times! We recommend some good online casinos to the right.

2. Find the 'Hottest' jackpot right now

The next thing you should do is to find a jackpot that is likely to hit soon. We help you with this step, head over to our 'Recommended Jackpots'-section and find the Jackpot that we have calculated to hit in the near future. We do this by looking at the Jackpot Hit History and other parameters.

3. Go play and win at a casino!

We only work with the best and most trusted online casinos. They always deliver a safe user experience and you always get your winnings payed out fast!

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