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  • €17,000,000
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  • €50,512,076
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  • €90,000,000
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  • €10,000,000

Avarage frequency
  • 42
Day since last win
  • 10 days ago

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Jackpot data last updated: March 16, 2018 8:31 PM

Just like the EuroMillions Lottery, the EuroJackpot is yet another transnational (multi-state) lottery where only European countries participate. These countries include the Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Italy, the Netherlands (Holland), Germany, and Estonia.

Although the EuroJackpot lottery was launched in 2012 (5 years ago), its relatively “youthful age” doesn’t compare to the millions it pays out! While the EuroMillions lottery has somewhat small winning odds (1:140), players trying their luck with the EuroJackpot lottery seem to have better odds (1:95) of walking away with a win; which basically (and logically) means the EuroJackpot lottery has more regular pay outs in comparison to the EuroMillions lottery – or even the German lotto. The EuroJackpot lottery also has a bigger reach than the EuroMillions lottery; over 270 million players versus the 218 (or so) million players for the EuroMillions lottery.

FYI: Designs for the EuroJackpot began in 2006 but it wasn’t until 5 year later (in 2011) that 6 countries met in Amsterdam to seal the deal – the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, and Denmark. The EuroJackpot lottery commenced officially the following year (in 2012) after the successful negotiations. The first draw was in March of 2012 on the 23rd, and Fridays in Europe have never been the same again…! Also, Spain became the first country to participate in both the EuroJackpot and the EuroMillions lotteries.

Playing the EuroJackpot Lottery

The mode of play for both the EuroMillions lottery and the EuroJackpot lottery are almost similar with only a few minor differences. For instance, the ticket price for EuroJackpot entries is 2 Euros, and unlike in the EuroMillions lottery, draws are carried out only once per week; Every Friday in Helsinki, Finland (at exactly 9 pm local time).

When it comes to similarities between the EuroMillions and the EuroJackpot lotteries, there are 12 prize tiers for the EuroJackpot lottery with a different cash prize pegged at every tier; EuroMillions has 13. Another similarity is in the number of “lucky numbers” that a player can (randomly) pick for each entry (or ticket). For players to join the EuroJackpot lottery, a player has to pick 5 main numbers between 1 and 50, and then pick two extra “Euronumbers” – otherwise referred to as lucky stars - from a different set of balls numbered 1 to 10. This means that each (valid) EuroJackpot lottery ticket has 7 numbers, an equal 1 in 95 million chance of winning the Jackpot prize, plus a 1:35 chance of winning anything at all… The winnings are generously distributed throughout the prize tiers, specifically for the 2nd tier (5 main numbers + 1 Euronumber or lucky star number). For instance, second tier prizes can range between 650, 000 Euros and a million depending on the size of the Jackpot during any particular draw.

Still on the issue of “ticket validity”, players, especially players outside the participating countries, need to be careful where they buy their tickets. There are only a handful of authorized outlets and websites where players can buy tickets safely. These include (but not limited to…) webistes like LottoLand, PlayHugeLottos, Wintrillions, TheLotter, LottoKings, and WorlLotteryClub. Authorized Physical stores or official ticket dealers can be found in each of the participating countries. International players (or those outside the participating) can also buy EuroJackpot tickets through a trusted online concierge service. This is basically having someone (or some company) from the participating countries buy the ticket for you. Players can also play as individuals or as a syndicate to increase their winning chances by pooling tickets! Tickets can also be bought on a subscription basis.

Please Note: There are iOS and Android apps available for mobile players. The apps constantly update you on the latest results, news, and a few tricks or fun playing tips.

Please Also Note: International players should be careful when picking an online concierge to buy their tickets because although most countries don’t tax the wins, Italy and Spain do… at 6 and 20 percent respectively. So you’d better not pick one from these countries unless you really have to.

The EuroJackpot Top Prize: Winning the Jackpot

As per the rules and regulations guiding the EuroJackpot lottery, a player must match all the 7 to the numbers drawn at the weekly Friday draw. The Jackpot starts from 10 million Euros to a capped figure of 90 million Euros. This amount may not be as crazy as the EuroMillions Jackpot (at €190 million), but it’s (statistically) way more likely to land the Jackpot when playing the EuroJackpot lottery than when playing for the EuroMillions lottery. The Jackpots roll over by 7 million Euros when they are not won during the current draw. This means the Jackpot prize in EuroJackpot grows much faster to sizeable amounts. Another thing about the EuroJackpot Jackpot prize is that “What You See is What You Get”, no hidden transaction fees, no taxes (unless you live in Spain or Italy…), and definitely no annuity marketing whatsoever… you land the Jackpot, you get the full amount advertised before the draw, case closed.

FYI: The average Jackpot win on EuroJackpot is about 48 million Euros; a very good figure for any gambler, anywhere in the world. Another thing to note is that the Jackpot prize accounts for approximately 36% of the total prize payout (all 12 prize tiers). Further Jackpot rollovers exceeding the 90 million Euros cap are added to the lower prize tiers. The odds of hitting the Jackpot are currently at 1:95 million.

On Related Bonus Jackpot Information: The 90 million Jackpot prize has been won 3 times while there have been more than 30 Jackpot wins since the EuroJackpot lottery hit the scene in 2012. That’s a total of over 30 new millionaires in less than 5 years.

What EuroJackpot Lottery Reviewers Are Saying

Believe it or not, there are absolutely no negative comments whatsoever about the EuroJackpot lottery anywhere on the internet or on print. Even people who prefer to stay away from any form of gambling still have nothing negative to say about the EuroJackpot lottery. It’s all praise (and dance), especially for EuroJackpot winners. This basically means this transnational lottery is here to stay. As a matter of fact, it is very likely that the EuroJackpot lottery will soon join the ranks of the other big European lotteries - in terms of following and appeal - in just a few years. The Jackpot prize cap is also expected to be raised very soon if this trend keeps up.

Final Word: The Verdict

With the exception of some morally driven critics who would rather stay away from anything related to gambling, the EuroJackpot lottery is perfect for all punters who enjoy the rush of life changing lottery wins; and it is totally recommended for everyone with big dreams. Many seasoned gamblers (or at least the greedy ones) may shun the EuroJackpot lottery because of its relatively lower Jackpot prize but don’t let that get into your head… think of what 90 million Euros can do for you right now… heck, think of what 1 million Euros (tax-free) can do for you right now…?!

The Jackpot is good, the lottery is safe, get a ticket today… you could be the next millionaire!

When to play EuroJackpot?

The EuroJackpot jackpot is worth €17,000,000 right now and on average this jackpot pays out €50,512,076 every 42 days. The EuroJackpot jackpot was last hit on May 13, 2016, awarding the winning player €10,000,000 at that time. Try you luck and join the other happy EuroJackpot winners!

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November 11, 2017€23,000,000
October 22, 2017€41,000,000
September 16, 2017€30,000,000
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