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  • €25,000,000
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  • €16,037,221

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  • 20
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Jackpot data last updated: March 17, 2018 8:31 PM

The EuroMillions Lottery, duly christened “UK’s millionaire maker”, is a popular European transnational (pan-European) lottery that was launched in 2004 under the partnership of three national lottery operators; Loterias y Apuestas del Estado (Spain), Française des Jeux (France), and the Camelot Group (UK). Only citizens (or residents) from these three countries were initially allowed to participate in the EuroMillions lottery. That ended 8 months later when Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Ireland, Portugal, and Belgium came onboard and were included in the October 8th draw in 2004, in Paris. The official launch was held on the 7th of February and the first EuroMillions draw took place 6 days later on Friday the 13th.

Since then, the lottery’s structure has changed gradually and the current EuroMillions lottery has expanded to include the Isle of Man, Monaco, Liechtestein, and Andorra. Eligible players have to be residents of the partnering countries and they have to be at least 18 years and above; with the exception of the UK where the minimum age limit is set at 16 years. The success of EuroMillions ticket sales in Ireland led the introduction of the Irish EuroMillions “Plus” that is currently held in Portugal and Ireland only.

Note: All EuroMillions lottery controlling partners have EuroMillions Trust accounts where all the money is securely kept. These Trust accounts are used to settle all current winning bets, as well as hold to money for future wins.

EuroMillions Gameplay

The rules are simple. The game is easy. The winnings are astronomical! Buy a ticket for £2.50 if you’re in the UK or €2.50 for other pan-European countries. The Swiss can get a standard ticket for CHF3.50. Please note that this is the cost per line/entry (or 1 set of random numbers- 5 + 2 stars). The Portuguese and the Irish can opt to add an extra Euro (€1.00) to earn a spot at the Plus version of EuroMillions.

On the other hand, the French have to add an extra non-option (mandatory) €0.50 for the “My Million” draw but residents of the UK are entered into the Millionaire Raffle draw automatically at no extra cost. You can enter as many times as you wish to increase the chance of winning the Jackpot or even multiple cash prizes down the prize tier.

To place a valid bet, the player must choose a set of 5 numbers between 1 and 50, and then choose two additional numbers (lucky stars) which are from 1 to 12. For instance, a ticket could have 2, 48, 9, 32, and 17 as the main numbers, and then include 4, and 10 as the two lucky star numbers. There are two sets of numbered balls used for each set of numbers in the draw (a set of 50 balls numbered 1 to 50 for the main numbers, and a separate set of 12 balls numbered 1 to 12 for the lucky star numbers...). This basically means that the same number can be picked from both sets during the draw.

For instance, going by our previous example, a ticket number can read 2, 48, 9, 32, and 17, and then have 4 and 9 as the lucky star set. Note that the number 9 appears twice in one entry (ticket). EuroMillions lottery tickets can be bought from authorized (physical stores) in each of the participating countries, or from any of the authorized websites.

Warning: Beware of scam emails (and websites) promising discount tickets or any kind of deal outside regular playing rules. Always ensure that you buy tickets (or place bets with legitimate outlets). Otherwise, any identified misconduct (deviating from stated official terms and conditions) voids the entry.

The draws are held twice every week in Paris, on Tuesday and on Friday at exactly 20.45 CET (Central European Time). Results are published a few minutes later on all associated/affiliated websites, and the recorded event is also aired on several TV channels approximately 15 to 20 minutes later.

There are 13 prize tiers in the EuroMillions lottery draw(s). This basically (or statistically) means that all players have an equal 1 out of 13 chance to win a cash prize on the EuroMillions lottery. A Jackpot winner must match all 5 main numbers and the two lucky star numbers (5 + 2 lucky stars). Winning combinations go down (from the second tier – 5 + 1 lucky star) to just matching 2 main numbers without getting any of the 2 lucky star numbers right (2 + 0). The random numbers can either be picked manually or you can use a Random Number Generator to give you the set of entries. This RNG feature works by clicking on the “Quick Pick” button when purchasing tickets through an online portal (e.g. Lottoland).

So, what happens when there’s more than one winner in any prize tier? Simple, prizes are shared “Pari-Mutuel”... all players with a winning entry at any prize tier share the cash prize equally.Event Draws and Super Draws

These 2 special events have a guaranteed 100 million Euro Jackpot. The only difference is that while the Super Draw Jackpot amount is rolled over to the next draw, Event draws are distributed among lower tier winners if it’s not won using the Jackpot combination drawn.

EuroMillions Jackpot

Needless to say, the EuroMillions lottery has the highest Jackpot prize in the history of lotteries in Europe! The minimum Jackpot amount is 15 million Euros (sometimes starting at 17 million...) while the maximum Jackpot stands at a brain-flipping 190 million Euros!

The EuroMillions lottery Jackpot is rolled over to the next draw if no one wins it in the current draw. A 5 million Euro increase is added to the Jackpot from the Booster Fund in the next draw until it reaches the 190 million Euros maximum limit. Jackpots won by more than one entry are also shared in similar Pari-Mutuel fashion. A good example of this is the September 26th 2008 draw where a 130 million Jackpot prize was won (and shared) by 15 players from several participating countries (Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland had 1 winner each; Spain had 2 winners; Portugal and France had 3 winners each; Britain was leading with 4 winners). Each player walked away with a cool 8.67 millions!

One amazing thing about the EuroMillions Jackpot is that the maximum possible amount of 190 million Euros is rolled over to the next draw (without increments) before it is shared equally to tier 2 winners if it’s not won after 5 draws.

FYI: The supplementary EuroMillions “Plus” lottery offers a weekly 500, 000 Euros top-prize (Jackpot) win for Portuguese and Irish players. The “UK Millionaire Maker” Ruffle also offers additional guaranteed millions (in pounds) for British players every week (2 winners each draw, or 4 each week – Tuesday and Friday). The Millionaire Maker also features special events where there’s more than one winner. In fact, there have been 2 occasions where there were 100 winners.

EuroMillions Bonus Information

Revenue Distribution (Only in the UK): how are the millions in EuroMillions shared/spent? Well, the winners get 50% of the fund, 28% goes to good causes, the UK government gets 12% as lottery duty, retailers receive commissions amounting to 5% of the fund, operations costs take 4.5%, and 0.5% goes to the Camelot Group.

Final Thoughts:

The EuroMillions lottery is (arguably) the most lucrative and most fair lotteries in Europe today. It’s popularity began immediately after its inception back in 2004 and it has grown steadily since then. Britain has the most Jackpot winners so far but every player (from each participating country) is given an equal chance to get their hands on the millions. Come on... get yourself a ticket today and watch your life change! You never know what surprises are in store for you...

When to play EuroMillions?

The EuroMillions jackpot is worth €25,000,000 right now and on average this jackpot pays out €66,700,505 every 20 days. The EuroMillions jackpot was last hit on February 17, 2017, awarding the winning player €16,037,221 at that time. Try you luck and join the other happy EuroMillions winners!

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EuroMillions avarage jackpot win amount is €56,759,302 and hits by avarage every 20 days. It was last hit 5 days ago.

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