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Current jackpot
  • €343,715
Average win
  • €186,228
Highest win
  • €290,907
Lowest win
  • €29,626

Avarage frequency
  • 4
Day since last win
  • 205 days ago

  • 94.01%

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Everybody's Jackpot

Jackpot data last updated: March 19, 2018 8:31 PM

Run on the Playtech platform, Everybody's Jackpot is a progressive slot game designed to feel like a real television game show. Upon loading the game, players are treated to a feel of the real game show. The game features a host and hostess who are introduced to the audience as the game loads. Recent jackpot winners are also announced as the game starts. The game features 8 playlines and three sets of reels. The graphics are fun and captivating keeping players glued to the screen. The main symbols featured include gold bars, a gold watch, a gold necklace, and the host and hostess. Minors symbols include alphabets K, Q, and A. The game also features the special symbols; 'Wild' and Everybody's jackpot scatter.

Interactive play

The game is played along 3x3 squares and has eight playlines. Gamers utilize bet coins of different values while playing. Players can place stakes ranging from 0.4 to 8 euros per spin. Unlike other progressive jackpot games, players do not have to bet the maximum amount in order to be in line for the jackpot. The games offer endless fun for both seasoned players and new gamblers.


Players are keen on three main symbols; gold symbols, wild, and scatter. For a winning combination, players require at least three matching symbols. Playlines can either be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is the logo of Everybody's jackpot. By landing two to three 'scatter' symbols, gamers reap some free spins. If a player successfully finds all the nine scatter symbols, he can multiply his earnings by 200. The scatter symbols do not have to be lined in a particular order.

Wild Symbol

Players can earn additional free spins by chasing the 'wild' symbols. The 'wild' symbol can substitute other symbols in the game except for the scatter symbol.

Progressive jackpot

This is the game's main feature. The jackpot is designed in such a manner as to enable several people to benefit from the jackpot at the same time. Everybody's jackpot winners share their jackpot with other players who played the game in the past 24 hours. The lucky jackpot winner gets 70% of the winnings. The remaining 30% of the money is distributed amongst the recent players. Of the 30%, 15% is distributed to all the players who have bet the minimum set qualifying amount in the; last 24 hours. Usually, the qualifying amount is displayed under the main logo under the heading 'Community Jackpot'. Players can thus check the exact qualifying amount. The remaining 15% of the winnings are spread proportionally to players based on the bet amounts placed in the last 24 hours. The larger the bets a player places, the bigger the slice of the jackpot he gets. 
Jackpots are randomly triggered during the main game. Players do not need to line up a certain number of symbols in order to trigger a jackpot. The jackpot can be triggered by any spin be it a winning spin or a non-winning spin. However, the jackpot cannot be triggered during free games. Besides the progressive jackpot, players can also enjoy the standard/fixed jackpot. By lining up 3 male host symbols, players can win up to 250 coins. Players also win up to 150 coins by lining up three female hostess symbols. The main benefit of Everybody's jackpot is the ability to win part of the jackpot by simply playing. Unlike other jackpots that require players to get the winning lines, all you have to do is play!


Players enjoy triple wins whenever they line up symbols on the diagonal playlines 4 and 5. Players are assured of winning some free spins in the course of the game. All the player needs is to land three scatter symbols to win the free spins. The free games winnings are added to the total winnings of a player.


Everybody's jackpot is an innovative game that greatly rewards all players especially the loyal ones. A player does not need to trigger a jackpot winning. Instead, a gamer simply needs to qualify and even if another player wins, he is assured of a share of the jackpot. The players fondly refer to the jackpot as 'community jackpot' since it is shared amongst all qualifying players. Designed by the leading casino gaming platform suppliers; Playtech, the game offers the best features. Being a very popular game, it can be accessed in the leading online casinos. It is offered in the best online casinos that support Playtech.

When to play Everybody's Jackpot?

The Everybody's Jackpot jackpot is worth €343,715 right now and on average this jackpot pays out €186,228 every 4 days. The Everybody's Jackpot jackpot was last hit on July 3, 2017, awarding the winning player €270,404 at that time. Try you luck and join the other happy Everybody's Jackpot winners!


Don't play

Everybody's Jackpot avarage jackpot win amount is €191,619 and hits by avarage every 4 days. It was last hit 205 days ago.

Latest Everybody's Jackpot Jackpot Winners

August 27, 2017€130,291
August 24, 2017€177,470
August 20, 2017€199,571
August 17, 2017€273,093
August 5, 2017€238,536
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