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Current jackpot
  • €409,609
Average win
  • €153,072
Highest win
  • €419,851
Lowest win
  • €1,800

Avarage frequency
  • 61
Day since last win
  • 490 days ago

  • 88%

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Fairest of Them All


Jackpot data last updated: March 19, 2018 8:31 PM

Fairest of Them All is a slot game, developed by Ash Gaming, a very popular and reliable company. The theme of this game is inspired by the Snow White tale and a combination of other fairy tales. Fairest of Them All is designed as a progressive slot, coming with a wide variety of extra features. It comes with a nice graphic interface and all your actions are accompanied by some very engaging sounds. In the following, we will thoroughly present this slot game and we will explain, why it's one of the best progressive slots. 

Very Interactive Theme

Like we've mentioned before, Fairest of Them All is designed after the Snow White tale, borrowing motifs from different other fairy tales. If you play this game, you will meet all the characters from the story, and each of them will play an important part in the game. Depending on your development, you can meet Snow White, the 7 Dwarfs, the poisoned apple, Prince Charming or the Evil Queen. The background sound is extremely relaxing and it simulates the typical noises of a peaceful forest.

An Engaging Gameplay With Plenty of Features 

Because it's a progressive slot game, Fairest of Them All has 3 rows, 5 reels and 20 pay lines. If you like progressive slots and you hope to get a Jackpot while playing, then this can be the perfect game for that. Bonuses are extremely common in this game, and you can often get free spins or a bonus round. If you feel lucky, then you should try the multiplying feature and increase your winnings. By doing that, you can multiply your winnings even 30x times. Another interesting feature is the Autoplay function, which allows you to perform 50 spins, automatically. This feature is great and it will allow you to play more relaxed, and to have a better bankroll management.


Considering that the graphics of this slot are so well developed, the symbols play a major part, in the development of the game. Besides the fairy tales logos, we can also find some classic symbols of Jack to the Ace. Snow White will always be in front of the reel and will turn her head to see how your spin is going. However, because many symbols are connected to the game development, we will explain the meaning of each, so you will know what to expect when you're seeing one particular motion.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall Symbol

Whenever you see 3 mirrors on the reel 2, 3 and 5, a free spin bonus will be triggered and you will be entitled to 5 free spins. The number of free spins will be locked, once the princess appears in the mirror. If she appears again, then you will receive a multiplier. If the Evil Queen is displayed on any mirror, then the multiplier will be canceled and the free spins unlocked. Still, you can hit at least 3 spins, with a minimum chance that the Evil Queen will appear and ruin your winning combo.

Three Dwarfs Symbol

If you see the symbol of 3 dwarfs, on reel 1, 3 or 5, you will be entitled to another bonus. When this happens, they will take you to mine diamonds, and they can be converted to a prize. Now, you will have to select one of the three dwarfs and after that, you will receive a basic win. While in the mine, click the flashy spots to claim your bonuses. When the "Collect" button appears, you can either click it or go for more bonuses. If a mine cart appears, then you can receive several other bonuses like: an extra dwarf for more mining, a multiplier or a TNT pick. The TNT pick is like a mini Jackpot and it could bring you some substantial winnings.

Snow White Magic Symbol

This symbol appears randomly and it can happen on any spin. When the princess uses her magic, you will receive some guaranteed winnings, non related to your current spin. The most common magic bonus is the Butterfly, which can bring you up to 5 Scatters. Any of this Scatter will grant you an additional bonus, helping you increase your winnings. 

Also, Snow White can bring you another bonus, by spreading silver or golden dust. If she blows silver dust, then you will receive a partial re-spin, and up to 3 reels will be turned again, giving yourself a second chance for the same spin. The golden dust is more profitable and it will turn the symbols from your winning line into bigger ones, increasing your prize. If the Owl flies above your reel, then you will receive up to 5 wilds, depending on your luck. The biggest bonus of Snow White Magic is without any doubt, the bird. Once the bird appears, it can grant you an up to 30x multiply. 

The Reward From the Prince Symbol (jackpot)

This is the part that everybody is waiting for and the bonus that can grant you a progressive Jackpot. You can get the Jackpot in three different ways. The princess might call the prince randomly, during the game, by spreading some pink dust. Also, you can find the prince hiding in the mine, while playing the Mine Bonus. If you're lucky, the Prince can appear in one of the mirrors, when you're playing the free spins. Notice that the Wild symbol can replace any other symbol, so it could grant you a prize, but it won't qualify you for a Bonus round. For example, if you have 2 mirrors on reel 1 ,3 and a wild symbol on 5, you will not receive a bonus, just the regular winnings.


Fairest of Them All is one of the best slot-games, with a nice user interface and plenty of chances to win. The game has some interactive features, which improve our playing experience and qualify us for some additional winnings. If you like to step into a fairy tale world and to make some money in the same time, then this game will be perfect for you.

When to play Fairest of Them All?

The Fairest of Them All jackpot is worth €409,609 right now and on average this jackpot pays out €153,072 every 61 days. The Fairest of Them All jackpot was last hit on November 15, 2016, awarding the winning player €419,851 at that time. Try you luck and join the other happy Fairest of Them All winners!


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Fairest of Them All avarage jackpot win amount is €153,072 and hits by avarage every 61 days. It was last hit 490 days ago.

Latest Fairest of Them All Jackpot Winners

November 15, 2016€419,851
August 30, 2016€325,978
December 23, 2015€19,835
December 10, 2015€1,800
December 2, 2015€41,871
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