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  • €709,712
Average win
  • €974,338
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  • €1,803,630
Lowest win
  • €325,712

Avarage frequency
  • 21
Day since last win
  • 126 days ago

  • 92.01%

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Funky Fruits

Jackpot data last updated: March 19, 2018 8:31 PM

Funky Fruits: The Ultimate Vitamin C Experience!

It's Funky, it's freakishly fruity... and full of vitamin C; and the C stands for Cash...! Unless you're somehow allergic to "vitamin Cash", then Funky Fruits (a product of Playtech) will surely be a delight. The animated graphics are somewhat cheesy, but quite fun to look at and listen to; with the grumbling grumpy lemon and miss lovely eyes kissing grape or the growling (or is it mumbling?) watermelon and the wide smiling buck-teethed orange that either looks nerdy or retarded, two cheery cherries on tiny twigs... and then finally, there's the pineapple who looks skeptical to everything.

Although the mechanics are similar to those in online video slots, Funky Fruits is a whole new different ball game. The playing screen is simple... a wooden board made up of 5 planks nailed together, and stuck into sand with the open ocean in the background.

Funky Fruits Symbols

All the symbols in Funky Fruits have been mentioned in the introduction section above. There are no Wilds or Scatters in Funky Fruits... just fruits that pay you more vitamin C than others. However, when the fruit symbols in Funky Fruits are listed (in order) from the lowest paying symbol to the highest paying symbol, then the correct order is the Watermelon, the Grape, the Pineapple, the Orange, the pissed-off Lemon, and to top it all... the Cherry... which also happens to be the (only) Jackpot symbol.

Funky Fruits Gameplay

The wooden board (game screen) fits 25 fruits at a time in a 5 x 5 arrangement which means punters have great chances at landing winning combinations. Any combination of 5 or more adjacent fruits of the same type awards you a multiplier to the placed wager. The gameplay is so simplified that all you have is the bunch of 25 fruits on the wooden board just falls off the screen and the next batch falls in from the blue sky to form winning combos of adjacent matching fruits – unlike in regular online video slots where reels roll and stop at intervals (left to right). With a theoretical RTP payout ratio of about 93.97%, there’s clearly bound to be more winning than losing going around in the sunny land of Funky Fruits.

Please Note: The fruits have to be next to each other; top, down or sideways, not diagonally!

The game’s controls are also straightforward and placed on a background that looks like a fizzling glass of gin and tonic... on the rocks... with an umbrella... and a straw...

At the top right corner there is the Jackpot display with a counter to show the increasing progressive Jackpot.

Autoplay: Just below the Jackpot display is the Autoplay panel where you can choose the number of automatic plays from 1 in increments of 5 up to a maximum of 100. When Autoplay is activated, the play button immediately changes to the stop button and players can click on the stop button to end the Autoplay session.

Placing Wagers: To keep things kindergarten easy even for the most technologically challenged punters, Funky Fruits has reduced the betting range to only four predetermined amounts; £1, £2, £5, and £10. After selecting the wager amount, players press the play button to fill the wooden board with 25 fruits. Wins are displayed on the opposite side of the game screen on a surfboard with a weird melon-orange mutant fruit head... wearing the (green) info button for beach shorts... Total winnings are displayed on the WIN panel just below the “Bet Panel”. You can get up to a x5000 multiplier on your bet if you land more than 16 Lemons!

Chain Reaction Wins: The most amazing part about winning in Funky Fruits is the chain reaction winning feature. Five or more matching fruits that form a winning combination blow up and disappear, leaving spaces to be filled by more fruits falling from the sky with the chance of forming more winning combos in a chain reaction. The amounts won from each successive winning combination are displayed in stacks (one on top of the other...) on the surfboard scoreboard and the total sum from all consecutive wins is displayed on the opposite side on the WIN panel.

Funky Fruits Jackpot

The Funky Fruits progressive Jackpot is definitely one of the most sought after Jackpots to ever grace the online casino world. There’s one tricky thing about this Jackpot though... nothing too out of the ordinary... but not so common either. To begin with, the Cheery is the only symbol that can win you the Jackpot prize. Hit 8 or more Cherries and you win a piece of the Jackpot. It all depends with how much was staked during the round that triggered the Jackpot win. A wager of £1 wins you 10% percent of the Jackpot, £2 wins you 20% of the Jackpot prize, £5 gets you 50% of the Jackpot, and you can walk away with 100% of the Jackpot if your bet was £10 at the time the Jackpot win was triggered!

Facts About the Funky Fruits Jackpot: The progressive Jackpot prize is built up from 1% of all (lost) bets placed on Funky Fruits anywhere in the world (from authorized online casinos). Out of this 1%, 0.5% goes to the progressive Jackpot while the other half goes to feed the seed until it it’s about 10, 000 times the maximum total bets as configured by the casinos. Once the intended seed amount is achieved then the entire 1% of players’ bets goes to the progressive Jackpot.

FYI: The Funky Fruits Jackpot is won once every 11 weeks with an average payout of about $1.7 million. The highest ever recorded Funky Fruits Jackpot win was $3, 208, 089 on the 28th of September, 2016.

Bonus Information on Funky Fruits Features

Accessing Information Screens: The game’s paytable is displayed when the “info” button is clicked. Viewing the game rules screen is done by clicking on the rules button which is only visible from the paytable screen. Clicking the OK button from the game rules description screen sends you back to the paytable and the back button sends you back to the game screen.

Hovering the cursor on the settings button/tab depicted by a “Spanner” (or wrench) opens a drop down menu with three options; (1) History – to view previous outcomes. This feature is only accessible when playing with real money, (2) Options - where you can choose to mute different game sounds, and lastly, (3) Help.

Caps on Maximum Win: Another interesting feature on Funky Fruits is the capped max win. The maximum amount that can be won from a single bet is reached when winning combinations activate a chain reaction of up to 100 successive wins.

Internet Disconnection: When a player hits a regular multiplier win or the Jackpot and gets cut off from the internet during this event for whatever reason, they are either taken straight to the Jackpot win screen or the online casino lobby once the internet connection is restored. All their previous winnings from the regular multiplier win and the Jackpot are duly paid.

Go on... get yourself pumped full of vitamin Cash with Funky Fruits today!

You must play a 10€ bet to be able to have a chance on this jackpot!

When to play Funky Fruits?

The Funky Fruits jackpot is worth €709,712 right now and on average this jackpot pays out €974,338 every 21 days. The Funky Fruits jackpot was last hit on February 16, 2017, awarding the winning player €850,230 at that time. Try you luck and join the other happy Funky Fruits winners!

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Funky Fruits avarage jackpot win amount is €808,912 and hits by avarage every 21 days. It was last hit 126 days ago.

Latest Funky Fruits Jackpot Winners

November 14, 2017€1,803,630
August 22, 2017€1,614,666
July 22, 2017€1,489,830
June 22, 2017€1,300,786
June 19, 2017€1,379,044
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