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  • €198,000,000
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  • €339,103,628
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  • €594,000,000
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  • €100,080,640

Avarage frequency
  • 39
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  • 1 days ago

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Jackpot data last updated: March 19, 2018 8:31 PM

It is easy for anyone to like the US Powerball lottery that offers prizes in bi-weekly draws. The biggest jackpot won from taking part in this online lotto is a whopping $1.56 billion, which was won in mid January 2016.

How does it work?

The United States Powerball involves picking five ball from 1 to 69 other balls and one red ball from 1 to 26 others. After this and on every Saturday and Wednesday at 11.00, two drums are used to randomly draw the winning numbers. This takes place at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The final jackpot is shared between anyone who has a winning lottery ticket. All other prizes that can possibly be won from this lottery are a fixed amount.

As of now, anyone can purchase Powerball tickets in 44 states. One cannot however, purchase Powerball tickets from Alabama, Nevada, Utah, Mississippi, Hawaii, and Alaska. Thanks to the fact that one can also purchase tickets online, international players can also win the jackpot by purchasing the ticket from any part of the world. There are absolutely no restrictions as the very same rules apply to everyone. Once you decide to take part, you can select five numbers for each ticket or go for an automated Quick Pick.’ Players should also select a single red ball’ number from a selection of 35.Each ticket retails at US$1. Online vendors however, charge a small prize for the service of providing the ticket numbers. Once you have your ticket, all you need to do is wait patiently for the draw that takes place 11.00 Eastern Time every Wednesday and Saturday.

It is at the draw that the importance of the red ball comes into play. The draw involves picking random balls from two ball-filled drums. One contains red balls while the other contains white ones. If you manage to match all you white ball numbers plus the red ball number, you will automatically become the world’ newest millionaire.

It is these jackpots that attract people to take part in the Powerball lotto, and they are known to reach truly breathtaking figures. The largest jackpot was well over 1 billion dollars and it was won by a single individual.

Of course, the jackpot isn’t the only prize you can win; you can win smaller amounts by matching a single white number to the red �Powerball’ number. You can also choose the PowerPlay feature whereby you pay an extra $1 for the chance to have all wining (except the jackpot) are multiplied by a given value. However, when a play opts not to use the PowerPlay feature, they do not qualify for the jackpot which means that actual ticket prize for a shot at h jackpot is $2? Why does the Powerball lottery not make this standard and simply charge US$2 per ticket?

A few interesting facts about the Powerball lottery

  • Pennsylvania has the heist number of Powerball jackpot winners at 16. There have been three jackpot winner from Tennessee and three from Missouri over the past three years.
  • Close to 75 percent of those who have won the jackpot used randomly picked numbers. These are generated by computer programs and offered on tickets. Betting experts advise those who opt to select numbers on their own to ensure that they spread them out as much as possible among the possible options.
  • The most commonly drawn numbers in the Powerball lottery draw are 8, 14, 29, 39 and 54. The most commonly drawn red “Powerballs” are 7 and 17. Numbers bigger than 60 are rarely drawn and the least picked Powerball number is 4.
  • Lets wrap this up with this fun fact, in 2005, Powerball drawing resulted n an unprecedented 110 winners of the second prize. These winners had to split over $19 between them. When officials investigated the possible reason for this high number of winners, they found that all the 110 second prize winners selected numbers they saw on a fortune cookie by Wonton Food Inc. Five f the six numbers the factory printed out matched the official draw.


The Powerball lottery is one for the world most trusted and oldest lotteries, having been founded way back in 1992. It is owned by a non-profit, government benefit association called the MUSL (Multi-State Lottery Association) and operated by its different member lotteries. The members include various states within the United States. The states keep profits and use them to fund a variety of legislature approved projects. This reputable lottery is an opportunity for many people to win big, life changing amounts of money.

When to play PowerBall?

The PowerBall jackpot is worth €198,000,000 right now and on average this jackpot pays out €339,103,628 every 39 days. The PowerBall jackpot was last hit on May 8, 2016, awarding the winning player €363,877,810 at that time. Try you luck and join the other happy PowerBall winners!

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PowerBall avarage jackpot win amount is €279,123,924 and hits by avarage every 39 days. It was last hit 1 days ago.

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November 20, 2017€424,000,000
November 15, 2017€409,000,000
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