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Current jackpot
  • €651,300
Average win
  • €1,090,221
Highest win
  • €1,725,162
Lowest win
  • €681,024

Avarage frequency
  • 17
Day since last win
  • 214 days ago

  • 93.97%

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Sweet Party

Jackpot data last updated: March 19, 2018 8:31 PM

Sweet party is a unique and really interesting game designed by Playtech. This online slot machine is based around the vending machines. This is a really bold step by Playtech because there aren’t many online slots that choose to base around vending machines. This is a new game by Playtech and the slot looks really fascinating and nice as the players are provided with a very easy playing experience. Also, if you are a fan of big bucks, the game will not disappoint you; it does have a progressive jackpot feature.

About the game

Sweet Party is a game that doesn’t contain any pay- lines and have 5 reels. Due to the absence of pay- lines, some people consider this game as an arcade slot game. The veining machine consists of all the action and is set against green fields and blue skies’ backdrop. The symbols in this games are some sweets like Jelly Beans and Gummi Bears. The most valuable symbols are the white striped and red ones.


The game features a very simple gameplay. All you need to do is click the play button present on the right side and if you want to win some prizes, you just need to collect five or more matching symbols. It doesn’t matter how the symbols are lined up, whether diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. You will get the prize as compared to the symbols you match, the more you will match, the more prize you will earn. The highest prize can be earned by collecting sixteen or more matching symbols.

Progressive Jackpot

The gameplay is explained above which proves the fact that the game is very simple to play. However, the most intriguing part is yet to be discussed and it is the progressive jackpot. If you want to earn the progressive jackpot, then you have to get eight or more white and red gobstoppers. However, it depends on your stake that how much percentage of prize you will be winning. It is mentioned as follows:

  • 100% if your stake is £10.
  • 50% if you have a stake of £5.
  • 2% if you have a stake of £2.
  • 10% if the stake is £1.

Per spin £10 is a really huge amount, but if somebody pays that amount and wins, he is surely going to win big.

Though the gameplay is really simple, yet it is a charming game and contains a lot of color and light. The players have also reviewed to enjoy the sound effects of this game which tend to be really cute. Nothing complicated is kept in the game but minimum bet is £1 which might out off low rollers. Overall, the game is interesting, unique and intriguing. The players often spend £10 per spin with a hope to win big. The progressive jackpot is also a feature that intrigues everybody who wants to win big. Playtech has thus come up with a really nice and charming game for the online slot fans.

You must play a 10€ bet to be able to have a chance on this jackpot!

When to play Sweet Party?

The Sweet Party jackpot is worth €651,300 right now and on average this jackpot pays out €1,090,221 every 17 days. The Sweet Party jackpot was last hit on January 19, 2017, awarding the winning player €876,961 at that time. Try you luck and join the other happy Sweet Party winners!

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Sweet Party avarage jackpot win amount is €1,095,010 and hits by avarage every 17 days. It was last hit 214 days ago.

Latest Sweet Party Jackpot Winners

August 18, 2017€1,241,219
July 5, 2017€881,761
June 27, 2017€826,585
June 2, 2017€681,024
May 31, 2017€1,010,970
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